Time management for fitness professionals.

  • List your availability
  • Let clients book their own appointments
  • Send automatic appointment reminders

How might Stopwatch simplify appointment scheduling for your business? We've got some ideas:

Personal Trainers

Time managment has never before been so easy. With Stopwatch, personal trainers can create, list, and manage one-on-one appointments online.

This group tells us they spend too much time on the phone coordinating appointments, and not enough time in the gym. Stopwatch is here to help!

Yoga Instructors

Organizing large classes with potentially dozens of clients can quickly become overwhelming if not properly planned and managed. Would you rather spend your time playing phone tag with clients trying to get in the class, or stretching out on your yoga mat?

Stopwatch alleviates the complexity of this situation and allows your clients to enroll in your classes online in a super-effecient manner.

Ski Schools

What if the ski school, surfing school, or kiteboarding school you were attending this year allowed you to enroll for lessons online months ahead of your planned vacation? Wouldn't you sleep better knowing your spot is guaranteed? We sure would.

Businesses: if you aren't allowing your clients to book appointments with your employees and experts, we believe you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Give Stopwatch a try and give your business the tools it needs to bring in...more business!